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Winter 2008 / 2009 und 2010

New sprouts of our olive trees after the second successive hundred year winter in 2009/2010

  • Winterize your olive trees on time in summer! We recommend our fertilizers "OlivoSOL" and "PhytoSol", a biological plant nutriment beneficial to the health of olive trees, palm trees, and other Mediterranean plants.

10 days later

20 days later

  • Winterize the trees with our fertilizers "OlivoSOL" and "PhytoSOL", the best winter protection (available in our online shop)! It's a must to have olive trees from the right region!

  • Due to our winter protection (fleece cover, heating system…) our olive trees did not lose all their leaves. The sprouts were lush even to their tips. With our fertilizer "OlivoSOL + PhytoSOL" the shoot was progressing fast again this year.

  • We are pleased to answer to your questions concerning the right care. Or just come for a visit!


  • Our purely biological fertilizer "OlivoSOL" and "PhytoSOL" (protein/amino acid and seaweed juice) for the root formation and nutrition. Builds up the resistance of the olive tree.


  • The trees are kept in decorative wooden containers (we recommend to store them during winter), or you can get your olive tree in a separate wooden container with a root heating installation.
  • as part of your garden, in summer and in winter (winterizing is requisite.



Winterized with small effort

  • with bark mulch and fleece against frost.
  • to brave the winter with a root and bole heating installation.


  • Our fleece cover with zipper is easy and comfortable to handle, and it is a protection against frost and ice for your olive/palm tree. It also protects your plant against insolation which exhales the fluids from the leaves. When the ground is frozen, the leaves and branches do not get fluids and the plant dries up. We have tested the cover successfully during the very hard winters of 2008/2009 and 2009/2010 (in addition, we suggest a heating system under the fleece cover).

  • Due to our winter protection (heating system, fleece cover, etc.) we were able to brave the frost and to contain the loss of leaves. We succeeded in preserving the fluids even in the smallest branches, and shoot progresses very well. We are pleased to answer to your questions concerning the right care. Or just come for a visit!